Contemporary Rugs: Post Minimalism

What comes next might still start in Silicon Valley…


Industrial designer Yves Béhar got the star treatment in this month’s Vanity Fair. Usually VF reserves its splashy photo spreads for celebrities and British royalty, but this month they chose to highlight one of the Bay Area’s most interesting and disruptive makers.

Yves Behar

He certainly deserves it. Béhar’s work is unique in an industry where the Apple aesthetic (and poor mimicry of it) dominates: In Device Land where pure minimalism, or worse, plodding functionality, are typical for technology, Béhar was the architect behind the ornamental Jawbone earpiece, the sinewy Up fitness band and the stunning and eco-friendly Sayl chair for Herman Miller. Continue reading

GET THE LOOK: Eskayel’s Madagascar Rug

GTL 1I love this library from the 41st Annual Cathedral Antique Show in 2012. It was designed by  Lindsey Coral Harper from Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors . Her jumping-off point for the room was the Eskayel Madagascar rug from Doris Leslie Blau!  The Madagascar rug is made from Banana Silk! So if a silk rug is out of your price point, a rug made from Banana Silk will give you that gorgeous silk sheen without breaking the bank.  The banana leaf fibers are mixed synthetic fibers that help to accentuate the detail of the design. You can see more pieces made from Banana Silk HERE.

GTL 2Now on to this gorgeous library…Lindsey was going for a rich, jewel-toned room, glossy from floor to ceiling. And how about that gorgeous deep plum pink paint color that she pulled from the carpet?  The color is Mulberry by Benjamin Moore and since the rug had other rich colors and a lot of platinum, she used black and white to balance it.  Of course this gorgeous room was perfect for our GET THE LOOK series and with a rug as gorgeous as this, we had to pull it all together!

1. Zanadoo Antique Brass Chandelier
2. Pheasant Eye Curtain
3. Wall Art – Succulent
4. Wall Art – Aloe Root
5. Gourd Table Lamp – Mercury
6. Baroque Box
7. Alessandria Bowl
8. Violet Dresser – Figue
9. Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazaar Pillow
10. Double Snake Linen Pillow
11. Benjamin Sand Leather Chair
12. Madagascar Eskayel Rug
13. Emmy Brass Tray
14. Bombay Hurricanes
15. Jujubee Pink Pillow
16. Turkish Delight Blue Grey Pillow
17. Kaori Purple Pillow

Design Trend: Rorschach Prints on Rugs

Rorchach pic 1

There is a new design trend popping up in home decor.  Ever since Jay-Z Decoded was released in 2010, the famous Andy Warhol rorschach print that decorated the book’s cover is now popping up in the world of fashion and home decor.  In fact, abstract rorschach prints, or ink blots, are suddenly appearing in home decor as art prints, paintings, and are even being featured on today’s hottest wallpaper, pillow and rug designs.  The unconventional rorschach designs have a unique appeal that’s hard to pin down.  Maybe that’s because we all see something different when we look at them! Each design presents us with a dazzling array of attention-grabbing shapes that are both organic and intriguing.  And as the trend develops, we’re starting to see these mesmerizing designs in the homes of today’s top designers, and bloggers.

Rorschach pic 2

Textile designer Amy Butler is known for her beautiful prints.  Her love of intricate patterns is just as apparent in her home where innovative prints continue to hold a special place.  Here, rorschach prints make an appearance as framed art above Butler’s buffet.  Classic in clean black and white, they are quite sophisticated works of art.

Rorschach pic 3

This homeowner was so inspired by the cover of Jay-Z Decoded, that she took some DIY ingenuity to recreate the Andy Warhol rorschach print for her own home.  Positioned above the fireplace mantel, the painting is a stunning statement piece.

Rorschach pic 4

And Shaleah from the home decor blog, The Gold Jellybean, also decided to test her DIY skills to create a rorschach print to hang above the bed in her master bedroom.  The ink blot painting has been used to tie together the room’s ultra-modern black and white color palette.

Rorschach pic 7

In the world of textiles, rorschach prints can take center stage as beautiful rugs in interiors.  Eskayel’s collection for Doris Leslie Blau features the company’s famed rorschach prints as rugs that create they eye-catching patterns that these ink blot prints are known for.

Rorschach pic 8

Though the classic ink-blot test is a strictly black and white affair, what make these prints so perfect for textiles is the variety of colors that can be used to create a stunning artistic statement.  Best of all the effect is the same whether you choose to decorate your walls or your floors. Here, this rug in yellow and gray takes the ink blot concept to a whole new level in vivid color.

Rorschach pic 5

Even in a more neutral palette, each rug offers soft and distinctive designs that are sure to enliven any room that they are placed in.

Rorschach pic 6

Explore the rorschach trend for yourself and dazzling ink blot designs inside the Doris Leslie Blau Eskayel Rug Collection > (

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