Before the Oscars, a look at how big red became the thoroughfare of modern royalty

A French Deco Rug

“I am a mortal, a man; I cannot trample upon these tinted splendors without fear thrown in my path.” -King Agamemnon, from the Greek tragedian-playwright Aeschylus in the fifth century, BC.

Those were the words the good (fictitious) king said upon returning home to his plotting wife after leading his troops to victory in the Trojan War. The story goes, wife Clytemnestra laid out a crimson carpet to highlight her husband’s arrogance by having him trample on the color of the gods. He walks on the carpet, but only under protest. Later, depending on which version you read, Clytemnestra or her lover kills him. Because, you know – tragedy.

A Swedish Rug

Evidence suggests that, while there’s a nice mythical quality to tracing red carpet back to ancient Greece, the practice more likely originated at railroad stations. According to Live Science, President James Monroe received the red carpet treatment in South Carolina, his hosts laid red carpet along the river in his honor in 1821. But it was not until the 1900s, when the luxurious 20th Century Limited train from Chicago to New York had passengers board and disembark on a plush carpet that the idea fancy people deserved fancy rugs, i.e. “red carpet treatment,” took hold.

According to the director of the Academy of Motion Pictures’ Margaret Herrick Library Linda Mehr, the red carpet was added to the Oscars in 1961.

Doris Day (1)

Doris Day at the Oscars, 1961
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 The television broadcasts of the awards show switched to color in 1966, and ever since watching our favorite movie stars traipse down that sanguine, hallowed walkway has become our chief vicarious indulgence.  It would be hard to name a more popular, or more American, fantasy than getting to be part of the Hollywood glitz.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Jennifer Lawrence, 2013 Oscars
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So who is responsible for the actual red carpet at the Oscars? Today, it’s a man by the name of Joe Lewis. For seven years Lewis has been responsible for seeing that the carpet is ready and in place to carry the stars from their limos to the doors of the Dolby Theater. The carpet itself is 600 feet long and will be laid out today and vacuumed Sunday just in time for the wave of press to arrive.

Red is the color of blood and power. Cheerful, robust, vibrant, strong – a bold, red textile can imbue a bit of glamour and stateliness into any space, even if there’s no chance of Brad or Angie crossing the threshold. Check out DLB’s crimson textile tide here.

Rug Equivalents to Grammy’s 2014 Best Dressed

This year’s Grammys was a bit of a whirlwind when it came to style. There were more misses than hits, but the best dressed attendees really wowed for the occasion. On music’s biggest night, these stars took the cake.

Beyoncé in Michael Costello
Superstar Beyoncé showed off her slim ‘n trim bod in a Michael Costello sheer ivory gown sprinkled floral embellishments. The designer (whom you may remember from Project Runway) was inspired by NYC covered in snow. Michael says he was in shock when Ty Hunter, Beyoncé’s longtime stylist, came into his showroom to pull Grammy looks! And I’m sure glad he did. I love the strategically placed cutouts on this gown. Its fresh, sexy and fun. Exactly what the Grammys should be. I especially love that Beyoncé rocked her blond wavy bob that was a hit from her ‘Beyoncé: The Visual Album’ release last month. Paired with wine hued lips and a subtle smoky eye, this look gets 10s across the board.
Taylor Swift in Gucci
Taylor Swift glittered in this silvery Gucci number. The chain mail gown fit her body like a glove and I love the sheer detail at the neckline. The whole look is classy and incredibly beautiful. Taylor’s laid back ponytail and light pink lip were the perfect compliment.
Amber Rose in Naeem Khan

Kim Alexandriuk Featured in Interiors Magazine!

blog pic 1

“For Alexandriuk, it was an exciting challenge to compose within such a bold and rigorous frame.  She came well prepared for the task, having spent part of her childhood in Germany, studied fine arts in France and worked for Michael Smith before setting up her own office in Santa Monica in 1999.  That experience, her eclectic tastes and two years with the Getty Conservation Institute gave her a keen awareness of materials, complementary forms and the refined details that enrich any interior.”

Kim Alexandriuk 1


Kim Alexandriuk

“For me, design is an organic process, absorbing the spirit of the architecture and landscape and seeing how the clients live.  The owners didn’t want to bring any furnishings with them, so I collected pieces over eighteen months, stored them in Los Angeles until the house was ready and then trucked them up.  I wanted the interior to feel casual but well curated, with beautiful compositions that the owners might have developed over time.” – Kim Alexandriuk

Kim Alexandriuk

“The whole job was a balancing act,” admits the designer. “The clients had different priorities: He wanted crisp modern lines, she wanted warm and comfortable, so I had to find middle ground while winning them over with the beauty and variety of modern design.”

Featured in INTERIORS Magazine October/November 2013.

Wear Our Rugs, Spring 2014 Looks!

Here’s a recap of the hottest Spring 2014 looks straight from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, of course, paired with our always trendy collection of rugs.

A great quote to start off the show:
“Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.” – Rene Margritte (Harper’s Bazaar, August 2013)

Balenciaga with tufted water rug

Balenciaga Dress                                            Contemporary Custom Rug, 10′ × 14′

BB0930 with Lela rose dress 2014

Lela Rose dress                                                     Art Deco Rug, circa: 1930, 9′ × 8’1″

BB2370 with Emerson dress

Emerson dress                          An Irish Rug designed by CFA Voysey, circa: 1920, 20’7″ × 13”

Image 4-BB4153 with Honor dress 2014

Honor dress                                           A Persian Tabriz Rug, circa: 1900, 15′ × 10’6″

BB4256 and Rebecca Minkoff dress2

Rebecca Minkoff dress                                      A Samarkand Rug, circa: 1880, 13’4″ × 5’2″

Image 6-N10685 with Altuzarra outfit

Altuzarra outfit                                                     Metal Blue Ombre Rug, 15’2″ × 12′

Bespoke Carpet Collection: Fall Must Haves

Now that we are headed into September, it is just about time to put away our mints, yellows, and florals, and look forward to the lovely autumn hughes and patterns of fall. When perusing through Doris Leslie Blau’s many carpet collections and styles, there are many inspirational designs that seem to embody the essence of fall. If you are in the market for an autumn inspired rug to complete a living space, look no further than the Bespoke Carpet Collection.

Fall blog -1

                                                                            Shaggy Stripe / Element Green

As you can see here, the designs are fresh, the patterns are bold, the colors are rich, while still drawing inspiration from the traditional Ikat technique which allows the design to hold true to it’s ancient mystery.

Fall blog-2

                                                                                              DLB / Shaggy Orange Box

The reason why I love the Bespoke Carpet Collection so much for the fall, is because of the rich tones. So much of fall design is centered around deep rich hughes of auburns, golds, and emeralds. Earth tones are so beautifully incorporated into these rug designs, some of them just look like they were made for fall!

So, if you decide to spring into your own personal autumn designs, keep in mind one of our Bespoke Carpet’s from Doris Leslie Blau. And check out a few of these lovely accessories that just might complete your look!

Fall blog-3

1 // Parlour Atomic Orange Chair 2 // Plume Pillow 3 // Junction Low Dresser 4 // Sterling Blanket 5 // Iron Circle Clock 6 // Hanging Glass Terrariums


By: Maddie Richardson

Explosion Rug: One Piece, Two Ways

There is nothing worse than finding a rug, piece of art or stunning chair that you are obsessed with and then having no idea how to build a room around it.  When the color palette, scale and style are perfect but finding all of the right pieces to pull it off becomes too much of a challenge, what’s next?  Well, we thought we would pull a few options together using one of our favorite pieces from Doris Leslie Blau’s in stock collection to inspire you.

This colorful wool rug is the perfect versatile piece. It would make a great piece to build a modern and masculine office and flirty enough for a feminine sitting room too. The rug is a flat woven Kilim handwoven with various yarn colors to achieve a tie-dye effect. Today, we are showing you how to pull off two different looks using this gorgeous piece.


Abbe blog 3 pic


1. Agate Fuchsia  2. Agate Teal  3. Cleo Table Lamp  4. Bagua Table  5. Gustav Leather Chair  6. Blue/Cream Pillow  7. Ombre Taupe Pillow  8. Indica Pillow


9. True Art Print  10. Framed Abstract Art  11. Ananas Table Lamp  12. Jujubee Pink Pillow   13. Citron Embroidered Pillow  14. Zahara Pillow  15. Glass & Iron Side Table  16. Delphine Accent Chair

Yellow Rose: Custom Felt Rug

Finding inspiration in the most unexpected places and spaces is part of what makes great design so accessible. This gorgeous bedroom designed by Marshall Watson for the Hamptons Holiday House, mixes a few traditional pieces, bold pops of color, and eclectic touches while managing to stay super sophisticated. The custom felt Rose Doris Leslie Blau rug is beyond fabulous! The texture and dimension from the rug balance out the warm yellow walls and compliment the floral pattern throughout the room without taking over.

abbe blog pic 1

abbe blog pic 2

So in honor of this fabulous yellow room and flirty floral accents, we thought it would be fun to pull a few pieces together to inspire you. Mixing traditional pieces with modern, colorful and eclectic pieces can help your create a space that feels collected and comfortable. Here are a few of our favorite yellow rose inspired furniture and accessories.

abbe blog pic 4

1. Baubles Art Print

2. Carved Anenome Vase

3. Lavible Dot Pillow

4. Geo Tangerine Pillow

5. Citrine & Blue Ikat Pillow

6. Yuma Disc Vases

7. Peacock Lacquered Wood Tray

8. Yellow Submarine Lamp Finial

And if the monochromatic yellow color scheme isn’t bold enough for you, here are a few fun pieces that can compliment while still staying flirty with florals.

abbe blog pic 5

1. Jardin Panel

2. Cordova Lamp

3. London Chair

4. Ginger Jars

5. Decorative Boxes

6. End Table

7. Fortune Garden Stool

8. Ojai Pillow

9. Ikat Pillow

GET THE LOOK: Eskayel’s Madagascar Rug

GTL 1I love this library from the 41st Annual Cathedral Antique Show in 2012. It was designed by  Lindsey Coral Harper from Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors . Her jumping-off point for the room was the Eskayel Madagascar rug from Doris Leslie Blau!  The Madagascar rug is made from Banana Silk! So if a silk rug is out of your price point, a rug made from Banana Silk will give you that gorgeous silk sheen without breaking the bank.  The banana leaf fibers are mixed synthetic fibers that help to accentuate the detail of the design. You can see more pieces made from Banana Silk HERE.

GTL 2Now on to this gorgeous library…Lindsey was going for a rich, jewel-toned room, glossy from floor to ceiling. And how about that gorgeous deep plum pink paint color that she pulled from the carpet?  The color is Mulberry by Benjamin Moore and since the rug had other rich colors and a lot of platinum, she used black and white to balance it.  Of course this gorgeous room was perfect for our GET THE LOOK series and with a rug as gorgeous as this, we had to pull it all together!

1. Zanadoo Antique Brass Chandelier
2. Pheasant Eye Curtain
3. Wall Art – Succulent
4. Wall Art – Aloe Root
5. Gourd Table Lamp – Mercury
6. Baroque Box
7. Alessandria Bowl
8. Violet Dresser – Figue
9. Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazaar Pillow
10. Double Snake Linen Pillow
11. Benjamin Sand Leather Chair
12. Madagascar Eskayel Rug
13. Emmy Brass Tray
14. Bombay Hurricanes
15. Jujubee Pink Pillow
16. Turkish Delight Blue Grey Pillow
17. Kaori Purple Pillow

Colorful Ikat Rugs

ikat blog pic 1

The love of ikat patterns in home decor continues.  The tie-die-esque designs are popular among today’s interior designers and design-lovers alike.  The mix of colors, organic patterns, and cultural references is immediately appealing, giving any room where ikat is used a splash of bright and vibrant global design.  While ikat continues to reign supreme in smaller home accessories like cushions and trays, the colorful patterns are also making there way to flooring.  Beautiful ikat carpets are a wonderful way to make a large graphic statement, and can even be the basis for an interior’s color palette.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to bring ikat rugs into a room.

ikat blog pic 2

 A simple navy and white ikat rug makes quite an impact in this neutral living room.  The  pattern is just enough to add interest to the room’s decor.  Look for ikat patterns in classic color palettes, like navy and white to add the pattern without overwhelming the space.

ikat blog pic 3

In this vibrant room filled with purple, pink and orange accents, it is the ikat flooring that brings the space together.  Every hue in the interior can be found in the rug’s colorful design.  Look for an ikat rug with a range of colors that you can build your room’s entire color palette upon.

ikat blog pic 4

In this adorable seating area, the ikat rug is used to bring the room’s various floral elements together.  The rug looks like a bouquet of flowers, and mimics the floral chandelier, and floral brocade on the sofa.  Look for ikat pieces that can tie into the theme of a room.  Florals, chevrons, or even strong hues like yellow and purple can be brought to life with a unique ikat rug.

ikat blog pic 5

This purple ikat rug has bits of white and gray present in the design.  It can be the perfect complement to a room’s color palette in the same sophisticated hues.

ikat blog pic 6

A bright and sunny yellow looks perfect on this ikat rug.  Brighten your space with an ikat piece like this one that comes in upbeat colorway.

ikat blog pic 7So many shades of blue exist in this one ikat rug that goes from aqua, to teal, to navy.  A rug like this would look perfect in an otherwise neutral space.  Us it to add both color and pattern to a room.

ikat blog pic 8Go graphic with an ikat rug in a dark shade.  This one in graphite and gray will do the trick, and it is sure to add a sumptuous element.

Explore a range of colorful ikat carpets and samples at Doris Leslie Blau.

Rugs and Hugs (RORO)

Valentines Day is a day for lovers and for those hopeful of romance, but for others, it’s just another day in the week. Whether you’re a believer in Valentines Day or not, the positive feelings tied to it are a part of everyday. Today we present you with carpets both old and new that evoke feelings associated with Valentines Day and every other day where playfulness, warmth, happiness, courage and love are felt.


A Persian Meshad Rug

Persian Meshad


Alpaca Fur



Peacock- Nanette Lepore Rug

Peacock12.2 x 9.5- happiness


An English Axminster Round Rug

English Axminster


Red Cowhide

red leather-love

Explore the collections.