Bespoke Carpet Collection: Fall Must Haves

Now that we are headed into September, it is just about time to put away our mints, yellows, and florals, and look forward to the lovely autumn hughes and patterns of fall. When perusing through Doris Leslie Blau’s many carpet collections and styles, there are many inspirational designs that seem to embody the essence of fall. If you are in the market for an autumn inspired rug to complete a living space, look no further than the Bespoke Carpet Collection.

Fall blog -1

                                                                            Shaggy Stripe / Element Green

As you can see here, the designs are fresh, the patterns are bold, the colors are rich, while still drawing inspiration from the traditional Ikat technique which allows the design to hold true to it’s ancient mystery.

Fall blog-2

                                                                                              DLB / Shaggy Orange Box

The reason why I love the Bespoke Carpet Collection so much for the fall, is because of the rich tones. So much of fall design is centered around deep rich hughes of auburns, golds, and emeralds. Earth tones are so beautifully incorporated into these rug designs, some of them just look like they were made for fall!

So, if you decide to spring into your own personal autumn designs, keep in mind one of our Bespoke Carpet’s from Doris Leslie Blau. And check out a few of these lovely accessories that just might complete your look!

Fall blog-3

1 // Parlour Atomic Orange Chair 2 // Plume Pillow 3 // Junction Low Dresser 4 // Sterling Blanket 5 // Iron Circle Clock 6 // Hanging Glass Terrariums


By: Maddie Richardson

Designer Facebook Friends of DLB

Here at Doris Leslie Blau, we truly value being inspired and inspiring others in and beyond our design industry. We have some amazing Interior designers and architects who like to drop by the Doris Leslie Blau Facebook Page from time to time. So, today, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of these talented faces, and share within this community some of the amazing accomplishments they are achieving in our industry today.

FB blog pic 1

Charles Spada of Charles Spada Interiors is an interior designer who has been on the scene since the 1980s. He is known for his well-edited color palette use, fabrics that play with texture, and exposed stone and wood flooring. He has been mentioned in many renowned design publications (including House Beautiful, Traditional Home, etc…) but most recently including Elle Decor’s September 2013 issue. We adore the Paris-inspired loft, Charles.

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Custom Rugs: Animal Instincts

Who doesn’t love a mirrored console table, fabulous art and a little bit of animal print?  We find it hard to pass any of them up but love how the zebra rug tones down the feminine feel that a mirrored pieces to bring to a space.   And you can never go wrong with a touch of animal print in a space. Zebra print is one of our favorite classic go to print whether we want to bring in a sleek modern feel or go a bit over the top chic, it works perfectly with either look.

animal instinct blog pic 2

animal instinct blog pic 3

Today we are showing of one of our favorite animal print rugs from the Dorris  Leslie Blau collection. We love how this 100% wool piece breaks the mold with its soft muted background instead of the stark white that we see more often. It works perfectly with muted blues, the mirrored accents we love so much and of course it brings in the wow factor.

This gorgeous room designed by Angie Hranowsky has inspired us to incorporate a few of our favorite design elements to compliment the Zebra rug.  We mixed the rug in with black and white art and touches of blue to keep this entry room soothing. The bold orb chandelier and nailhead detail on the ottomans add a warm modern touch and keep the mirrored console from taking over.  I love mixing multiple art pieces in a space and if you have the room in an entry, I say go for it. You can purchase pieces from local artist or mix in pieces from your children to make the space feel a bit more personal.

animal instinct blog pic 1


1. Orb Chandelier  2. Blue Block Canvas   3. Charcoal Drawing  4. Watercolor Wall Art  5. Framed Bird Wall Art  6. Black & White Wall Art  7.White Tassel Table Lamp   8. Metallic Jewelry Box  9. Flared Vase  10. Geometric Vase  11. Mirrored Circle Console  12. Linen Turquoise Stools  13. Zebra Wool Rug

Vintage Chinese Deco Rugs

Chinese culture has incorporated so much beauty into the throws of western culture through the ages. Porcelains, silk textiles, and beautiful paintings are among the many contributions of eastern inspired beauty. You bet that in the realm of rug design, there is so much to be discovered in the way of eastern inspired rug designs. Among these many styles, is Chinese Deco.

At Doris Lesie Blau, we have  an extensive collection of Chinese Deco Vintage Rug designs, with colors and patterns that could soften up even the hardest of styles.



Contrary to what you may think, Chinese rug design has a long history that is very independent from that of the Middle East. Antique Chinese Deco Rugs are known by their soft color palettes, focusing mainly on ivories, golds and blue. Images and pictures tend to be the main focus of the designs, many times including trees, nature, dragons and other animals. The designs also tend to be more spacious and free (different from traditional Middle Easter rug designs), giving way for the prominent pictures and images to tell a story through their design and placement.



Today, Chinese Deco Rugs of the modern 20th century can sometimes restrain in design, and embelsih in color, as an interpretation and homage to the original Chinese Deco Rugs of the ancient Middle East. These rugs can be characterized by bright magentas, yellows, and emeralds.


Overall, the Vintage Chinese Deco Rug collection at Doris Leslie Blau offers a wide variety of gorgeous selections, embodying all the lovely color and design that is indicative of the beautiful history of the Chinese Deco art from of rug making.

By: Maddie Richardson


Irish Donegal Rugs

Irish Rugs have a long and proud tradition. Their most famous rugs come from a town called Donegal in Ireland. The Donegal Carpets are a trademark brand of handmade wool carpets that can be found in esteemed establishments all over the world; including the US White House, Dublin Castle, Eltham Palace and Norte Dame University.

BB1504 Donegal 21.5 x 13.4

Rug and carpet making is an ancient tradition for Donegal and the most famous manufacturer was a Scottish textile company over 100 years ago owned by Alexander Morton. Morton practiced the same techniques of the Donegal people for his wool carpets. The popular Celtic designs made the rugs a real success. Soon the rugs began to be purchased by and gifted to famous churches and other establishments around the world.

BB1148 Irish Donegal 16.4 x 11.4 C.1920

In 1957, the Morton’s sold the company to a consortium called Donegal Carpets Ltd. Many Irish textile manufactures that made rugs and carpets closed their doors during “The Great Depression” and in 1987 the last facility was forced to close its doors. In 1997 the government reopened Donegal Carpets by petition of the local people. Now Donegal once again makes their signature Celtic rugs for the world to enjoy.


Today’s Donegal rugs are typically custom made with colors that are chosen by the clients. In their contemporary designs the Donegal rugs are now often neoclassical or abstract. The designs are graceful, the quality is top-notch and the colors divine. There is no greater quality rug to be found.

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Explosion Rug: One Piece, Two Ways

There is nothing worse than finding a rug, piece of art or stunning chair that you are obsessed with and then having no idea how to build a room around it.  When the color palette, scale and style are perfect but finding all of the right pieces to pull it off becomes too much of a challenge, what’s next?  Well, we thought we would pull a few options together using one of our favorite pieces from Doris Leslie Blau’s in stock collection to inspire you.

This colorful wool rug is the perfect versatile piece. It would make a great piece to build a modern and masculine office and flirty enough for a feminine sitting room too. The rug is a flat woven Kilim handwoven with various yarn colors to achieve a tie-dye effect. Today, we are showing you how to pull off two different looks using this gorgeous piece.


Abbe blog 3 pic


1. Agate Fuchsia  2. Agate Teal  3. Cleo Table Lamp  4. Bagua Table  5. Gustav Leather Chair  6. Blue/Cream Pillow  7. Ombre Taupe Pillow  8. Indica Pillow


9. True Art Print  10. Framed Abstract Art  11. Ananas Table Lamp  12. Jujubee Pink Pillow   13. Citron Embroidered Pillow  14. Zahara Pillow  15. Glass & Iron Side Table  16. Delphine Accent Chair

Antique Persian Senneh Rugs: Elegance and Delicacy

Antique Senneh rugs come from the northwest region of Iran. The weavers who created Senneh rugs speak the Senneh dialect, and this language identity provides the classification for the type of rugs. Created by hand, these rugs exemplify tapestry as artistic artifacts. These Persian tapestries are some of the most beautiful in existence, and they are also one of the easiest types to identify.
The construction of antique Senneh rugs provides insight into the elegance of the tapestries. These rugs are the thinnest of Persian rugs, often with a single layer. They range in color from brilliant to muted, and they also range in design from a central focal design to intricately patterned types. While the design and color are always beautiful and painstakingly created, the unique aspects of the weaving process make Antique Senneh rugs different from other types of Persian rugs. The threads used in the process of weaving are ultra-fine. Created from fine wool, the threads are spun very tightly and thin. Antique Senneh rugs are also easily identifiable due to the difference in texture between the front and the back. The front pile is silky and smooth, but the back is coarse and scratchy. This difference is unique to older Senneh rugs. Antique Senneh rugs are treasures. The beauty of their color, design, and texture identify these rugs as unique and lovely, but the most significant aspect to these rugs is the delicacy of the creation.


Antique Senneh rugs have a lengthy history. Documentation proves that these rugs were produced as early as 1870 and probably earlier. In fact, the Persian knotting technique typical of Persian rugs is also referred to as Senneh knots. These antique treasures provide a link to cultural history and artistry by their beauty, design, and originality in weaving technique and materials.


View our collection of Persian Senneh Rugs:

Antique Ukrainian Rugs

When Russia continued to conquer the Asian continent in the eighteenth century, they incorporated the weaving styles of the people they encountered into their own weaving style. Antique Ukrainian and Russian rugs show influences from both the Middle East and the Far East. These rugs incorporate both abstract flower designs and deep colors of the Middle East, as well as the bright gold tones and repetitive pattern common in Asian weaving of the time period.


The word “carpet” actually originates from the Armenian language, and the patterns reflect the styles of those ornate, ornamental fabrics. Traditionally woven by women in individual families, not by companies or by merchants themselves, these pieces are all unique and difficult to find.


These rugs would be beautiful hanging on any wall of your house, but would be especially lovely over a carved, dark wood dining room table or bedroom set. These richly-colored, well preserved rugs deserve to be surrounded with the best décor.

View our collection of Russiana nd Ukrainian Rugs: