Colorful Ikat Rugs

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The love of ikat patterns in home decor continues.  The tie-die-esque designs are popular among today’s interior designers and design-lovers alike.  The mix of colors, organic patterns, and cultural references is immediately appealing, giving any room where ikat is used a splash of bright and vibrant global design.  While ikat continues to reign supreme in smaller home accessories like cushions and trays, the colorful patterns are also making there way to flooring.  Beautiful ikat carpets are a wonderful way to make a large graphic statement, and can even be the basis for an interior’s color palette.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to bring ikat rugs into a room.

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 A simple navy and white ikat rug makes quite an impact in this neutral living room.  The  pattern is just enough to add interest to the room’s decor.  Look for ikat patterns in classic color palettes, like navy and white to add the pattern without overwhelming the space.

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In this vibrant room filled with purple, pink and orange accents, it is the ikat flooring that brings the space together.  Every hue in the interior can be found in the rug’s colorful design.  Look for an ikat rug with a range of colors that you can build your room’s entire color palette upon.

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In this adorable seating area, the ikat rug is used to bring the room’s various floral elements together.  The rug looks like a bouquet of flowers, and mimics the floral chandelier, and floral brocade on the sofa.  Look for ikat pieces that can tie into the theme of a room.  Florals, chevrons, or even strong hues like yellow and purple can be brought to life with a unique ikat rug.

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This purple ikat rug has bits of white and gray present in the design.  It can be the perfect complement to a room’s color palette in the same sophisticated hues.

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A bright and sunny yellow looks perfect on this ikat rug.  Brighten your space with an ikat piece like this one that comes in upbeat colorway.

ikat blog pic 7So many shades of blue exist in this one ikat rug that goes from aqua, to teal, to navy.  A rug like this would look perfect in an otherwise neutral space.  Us it to add both color and pattern to a room.

ikat blog pic 8Go graphic with an ikat rug in a dark shade.  This one in graphite and gray will do the trick, and it is sure to add a sumptuous element.

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Rugs: The Beauty of Boucherouite

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Vivid colors, exotic patterns, hand-woven design – all of these can be found in Morocco’s boucherouite rugs.  The “rag rugs”, created using scraps of various materials, are perfect for these Spring and Summer months.  Whether hung on the wall or laid on the floor, the boucherouite rug is a bright and colorful home accessory.

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While many rugs from Morocco and the Middle East have histories that are centuries old, the boucherouite rug was developed in the 20th Century.  The time period is likely responsible for the funky patterns, and wild colors that you can see in each design.

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The Apartment, Copenhagen (

Truly up cycled pieces, the word “boucherouite” comes from the Arabic phrase meaning torn and reused clothing.  Weavers in the Berber culture used a mix of materials to design these fascinating multi-colored creations that are almost too beautiful to walk upon.

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The Apartment, Copenhagen (

Now, in the 21st Century these patchwork pieces of art are making a comeback.  The fun and eclectic designs add color and whimsy to modern white spaces, and are a complement to colorful interiors.

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One of the most spectacular things about boucherouite rugs is the variety of colors that can be found in each piece.  Here, ruby red, coral, navy blue and brown all come together to form a colorful design.

BB blog pic 6You can discover these carpets in a variety of unique patterns.  The slanted stripe design here adds interest as the various colors come together.  Choose a boucherouite with a one-of-a-kind pattern to create a statement in a space.

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These carpets are nothing if not graphic.  Geometric shapes like diamonds and stripes can be found in many boucherouite rugs.  Look for shapely geometrics that are absolutely on trend in interior design.

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Though intended for the floor, these intricately created rugs are fun and fashionable works of art.  If you don’t feel like walking on it, mount your boucherouite rug on the wall for a cool artistic feature.  You can even layer one behind the bed and create a one-of-a-kind headboard.

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Rugs: Fabulous Spring Florals

This Spring in both fashion and interiors floral patterns are making a strong comeback.  Bold, bright blooms, dramatic floral prints, and romantic foliage can be seen in the windows of fashion brands like J. Crew, Liberty and Ann Taylor.  And in a nod to the 70s, blooms are showing up again as hair accessories for ladies looking to set a romantic mood.  Today’s florals are much more modern than those that were all the rage in the 70s.  Since the decade of the flower child, 21st Century floral patterns have grown to embrace neon shades, watercolor illustrations, and oversized designs, creating accessories with a fresher, more contemporary look.  There are some beautiful ways to bring this runway-ready style home, especially when it comes to classic rugs.  Whether looking at Chinese Deco Rugs, or Ukrainian carpets, florals can have a powerful impact in your interior this Spring.

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J. Crew collaborated with British Store Liberty to bring their iconic blooms to the U.S.  With a unique painterly quality, these floral patterns are soft and elegant.  In bright hues of yellow, hot pink and turquoise, the vibrant color palette takes florals from dainty and dated to modern and striking.

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Florals have also take on a rock and roll edge this season.  Pair them with unexpected shades like jet black for contrast.  Fashion designer Araks Yeramyan was featured on the J. Crew blog wearing this sheer black top with a bright yellow and hot pink floral design.  The combination is truly daring.

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To bring that same elegance to your interior, pieces like this Chinese Art Deco rug will do the trick.  The floral scene is very modern and radiant in striking shades of tangerine, emerald and pink.

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For something more romantic this rug from the Ukraine looks as if dozens of roses have been spread across the floor.  In pink and red it is the perfect accent piece for lasting romance.

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When looking for ways to bring flowers to your space, be on the lookout for bright floral patterns in unique colorways.  This Chinese carpet looks like a magical garden in shades of lilac and mint. Below is another fantastic Chinese Deco carpet that would brighten any room.

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Rugs: Inspiring Art Deco Design

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In just a few days, Hollywood will be releasing The Great Gatsby.  The film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan is an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel written in 1925.  A celebration of the jazz-era style of the 20s and 30s, The Great Gatsby promises to be filled with beautiful Art Deco style.  From the fashions to the architecture and interiors, at every turn we can expect to see the geometric forms and bold outlines that Art Deco is known for.  Once an exposition of the modernist decorative style that emerged in Paris in 1925, the glamorous style featuring luxe palettes of black and gold and cool zigzag designs can still be spotted in the skyline architecture of cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit.  Art Deco is making a comeback in 21st Century design, and you can discover it in a number of home accessories including the luxurious Art Deco carpets that are just waiting to bring a bit of 1920s glamour to your home.

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Known as the “Cathedral of Finance”, the Guardian Building in Detroit showcases the beauty of Art Deco design.  Geometric patterns in striking primary hues were painted on the building’s ceiling to create a stunning cathedral effect.

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Art Deco isn’t shy when it comes to luxury.  This building in black and gold, like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler in New York, is a monument to the time when this architectural style was supreme.

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Inside the EmpireStateBuilding a brass mural features many of the geometric lines you can expect to see in Art Deco design.  Rectangles upon rectangles make up the body of the building, and a mix of linear and zigzag shapes completes the mural’s design.

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This abstract rug features the beautiful geometric lines that Art Deco design is known for.  In a neutral color palette the mix of shapes doesn’t overwhelm the rug’s design, but instead enhances it.  Pair a rug like this with linear black furnishings to create a strong Art Deco statement.

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This rug was actually made in the 1920s when Art Deco style was on the rise.  The wavy gray chevron pattern was a popular design at the time, and still fits within today’s design trends.  A striped border adds even more geometric detail.

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Art Deco style was first spotted in Paris.  This French Deco Rug shows the beauty of the design that was coming out of France at the time.  A mix of cool shapes creates an attention grabbing-rug in soft hues of brown and ivory.

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The geometric motif on this Swedish rug is a subtle showcase of Art Deco design.  In more subdued tones, the strong graphic lines stand out in this neutral rug design.

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