Decorating with Moroccan Details

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The beauty of traditional Moroccan design is currently one of the hottest trends in home decor.  Pieces from a country with hundreds of years of textile design and handmade craftsmanship are now popping up in contemporary homes, adding rich cultural details, amazing colors, and mesmerizing patterns.  Some of the most popular items are those that also add a bit of sparkle.  Shimmering Moroccan wedding blankets line beds while pierced lanterns add beautiful ambiance to modern bedrooms and poufs of all sizes bring pops of bright color into our homes.  Contemporary interiors that focus on Moroccan details are sure to show all the beauty of the global mix – bringing together modern details and cultural accent pieces to create unique and stunning spaces.

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Moroccan textiles are an exceptional way to add pattern to a room.  With diamond and geometric shapes present in many Moroccan rugs they can be part of a room’s strong architectural details.  And in a minimalist space like this reading nook, a Moroccan rug can be all the detail a space needs.

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The diamond pattern even extends to Moroccan wedding blankets.  These delicately woven coverings were once part of a bride’s dowry. Now they’ve crossed an ocean to be included in interiors where sparkling textiles add to the look of our most comfortable rooms.  They look lovely draped on a bed as a coverlet, or even hung behind the bed frame to create a makeshift headboard.  Like most Moroccan wears, every wedding blanket is made by hand, making each one a unique piece of art.

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One of my favorite Moroccan pieces is the Beni Ourain rug.  Made from un-dyed wool, these rugs are rich in organic details.  In a sophisticated black and cream color palette they have a timeless appeal, and can be used anywhere – living room, bedroom or home office – to a stunning effect.  With hundreds of years of history going into each handmade piece, these rugs are sure to add the depth and mystery of Moroccan design and craftsmanship to your interior.

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Beni Ourain rugs are thick and heavy as they were originally crafted as sleeping rugs.  Weary travelers would wrap himself in the rug and protect himself from the cold.  Now these heavily piled pieces add warmth to stark wooden floors in modern interiors.

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As you look closely at each rug you will see slight imperfections.  That is a result of the tireless handmade workmanship that went into each one of these pieces.  The handmade details give each rug a unique character.

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While many Moroccan rugs are cream and black, you will discover beautiful dyed rugs as well.  This rug in brown and blue is wonderful for adding color and culture to a space.

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Diamonds fill in this rug’s landscape.  The pattern is remarkable, and sure to stand out in any room.

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It’s Time to DECO-rate

What do you get when you combine a few of my favorite things: Paris, the 1920s, and interior design? Well, you get Art Deco of course! So many works of art come from this inspiring time in our creative history, and rug + interior design are no exception to this rule. Many of the most innovative and elegant rug designs to ever exist, stem from this era, and can be found right here at Doris Leslie Blau.

Art Deco rug design is characterized by dramatic yet elegant patterns such as these:

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And also by stunning visual interest and detail.

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If you are looking to incorporate some innovative aesthetics into your home or business, I strongly urge you to browse through the extensive collection of Art Deco rugs that we offer here at Doris Leslie Blau.

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Spring Has Sprung!


The air is feeling a little more fresh, the skies are looking a little more blue, and the wardrobe is starting to feel a bit too bulky. Is anyone with me?

The reason of course, is that spring is upon us, and change is all around!

It’s time to turn in those woolen suit pants for a light weight pencil skirt, people. I am a huge believer that embracing the change in seasons by embracing slight changes in your wardrobe, can boost your self-confidence + give your personal styling woes a big kick in the bottom.

In the same way, a slight change in your home can also work wonders for your inspirational woes. I know from personal experience, that changes in the season effect my home interior just as much as they effect what I choose to wear every morning. I want to move things around, bring in some fresh flowers, add some new accent pillows to my couch, inspired by the beauty happening outside my front door.

Though all these interior updates are amazing and can do a mind/body/soul a great deal of good, nothing can transform a space in your home like a new rug.

So in honor of spring, in honor of change, and in honor of you…

Here are some lovely ideas to incorporate some change into your life this spring.



1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I hope that you are inspired to change.

Something small or something big.

In my opinion, I think an interior transformation with the help of a Doris Leslie Blau rug is a great place to start.

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A Colorful Rug Study: Emerald Green

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Lively, radiant, lush, and elegant.  These are all of the words that describe Pantone’s color of the year for 2013 – Emerald.  A luxurious jewel-tone, this rich shade can can enliven any room, and is an excellent choice for making a colorful statement at home.  Whether you’re decorating with a colorful emerald settee, deep malachite curtains, or the latest emerald green rugs, it’s a wonderful way to bring a bit of elegance into your space.

Green 2

Color is a powerful accessory. Look for pieces that combine bright shades and deep and intriguing patterns to make a strong statement.  As a larger accessory, a colorful rug featuring today’s trendiest shade can also be the basis for an entire room’s color palette.  This black, beige and emerald green rug does the trick in a sophisticated black and white living room with a touch of emerald.

In addition to creating a color palette, colorful rugs can also be used to set an emotional tone or bring in a cultural touch.  In this Melbourne home, an over dyed emerald green rug adds to the room’s eclectic design aesthetic.  Exploring rugs by color can turn up one-of-a-kind pieces that can add to your room’s diverse color palette.  Here are a few of my favorites in Pantone’s color of the year:

Green 3

A modern rug like this one featuring an architectural design can be a great option for a structured room with hard edges. The blocks of vivid greens come together like a city skyscraper.

Blog Green 4

This beautiful multicolored rug mixing emerald green, gold and gray rug is a perfect example of a floor covering that will help you build a room’s color palette from the ground up.  In addition to its sophisticated color palette, the mix of geometric shapes present in this piece can help to tie in other patterned textiles – such as pillows – and even works of art to create a room that fits together magically.

Green 5

In neutral spaces, look for emerald green to brighten things up.  Beige is no longer boring when emerald green details are introduced. This rug would shine in even the most neutral interior.

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Eskayel’s Festival Feast rug features striking patterns that stand out in Pantone’s color of the year. With a colorful pattern that is unconventional and edgy, this rug would be the perfect colorful accessory for a room filled with modern details.

Green 7

This Chinese deco rug is absolutely gorgeous framing bold blooms in an emerald green landscape.  A rug like this brings the outdoors in, and adds a whimsical feminine detail to a space.  Pair it with traditional pieces to create a beautiful room with old-school style.

Explore more rugs in shades of emerald green!

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