Four DLB Rugs in Michael J. Fox’s Home Designed by Gomez Associates

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

There is something magical when both the client and designer want to use the same vendor. This was the case for the recently published article in Architectural Digest featuring the apartment of Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan designed by Gomez Associates; Both longtime clients of Doris Leslie Blau.

Brooke Gomez did the preliminary shopping of vintage and antique rugs, as do all designers. The usual showing of the selection to the client took three hours instead of one. What we found at the gallery was an explosion of energy and creativity. They sought to bring together different genres of style while keeping in mind the clients need for a more casual and younger feel yet still having a sense of sophistication.

Michael J Fox living room

For the living room, they chose an unusually colored Oushak rug from the late 19th century with an overblown dramatic design. Brooke wanted a different sensibility for the dining room so she went for a mix of cultures by choosing a 1940’s French Deco rug by Jules Leleu.

Jules Leleu rug

The runner is inspired by a 1940’s Swedish rug designed by Barbro Nilsson. It was custom made in two months due to the very large size restriction of the hallway.

Tibetan striped runner

The bedroom needed to remain in soft colors yet have a bold pattern hence the Bauhaus design rug. The rug has a bit of silk to add extra luster and a nice touch to the feet.

Bauhaus design rug

The Doris Leslie Blau experience continues! To support the Michael J. Fox Foundation in finding a cure for Parkinsons, please click here.

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The Dalai Lama Sits on a New Tibetan DLB Carpet

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, spoke at the Mind and Life institute XXV conference on contemplative practice and health. The conference took place on a Doris Leslie Blau new Tibetan design rug. It was the ultimate honor to have the Dalai Lama sitting on our contemporary rug while discussing his morals and methods for a better life. We believe that his positive energy and good karma has seeped into this carpet and has spread throughout the DLB gallery. Now, not only will our new rugs and antique and vintage rugs be beautiful pieces of artwork that lay on your floor, but will now bring you and your loved ones tons of positive energy!

Dalai Lama at Mind and Life Conference

The new Tibetan rug is made of wool and silk and was inspired by Swedish mid century textile.

Interior Designer Irene Turner said, “Oh my goodness… great energy in that rug! Who will be the lucky recipient of it?”