The Versatility of Designing with Oushaks

We were planning to have a 1 day photo shoot to photograph many of the Turkish Oushak rugs in our inventory and I decided it would be more interesting to make the photographs 3 dimensional by adding furniture to the images. So I went around to several of the Antique dealers that are located in our building – the Interior Design Building- and asked to borrow some furniture. The following images are an eclectic mix of periods and styles illustrating the versatility of designing with Oushaks and also the spirit of collaboration. Many thanks to the dealers who graciously loaned the furniture pieces featured.

Demiurge New York Editions Mongolian Chairs and

Bauhaus Cocktail Trio Tables.

 Raymond Han Oil on Canvas “Standing” available through Demiurge New   York.

Shown with Doris Leslie Blau Vintage Turkish Oushak Circa 1940 Item # BB5091 Continue reading